Results achieved using FORTIG

Physical assets are the heartbeat of every asset intensive organization. 
FORTIG weaves a digital thread throughout the life cycle of how
your mission critical assets are managed.

Develop line-of-sight.
Link execution to strategy and business outcomes. 


Using FORTIG, hidden asset capacity was found
at the largest terminal handler on the west coast of the Americas.
A $35M CapEx expansion project was no longer required.


Rigourous.  Proven.

Business outcomes improve triple-bottom-line performance. 
Results trace-able to line items in the annual report.



Our University won a prestigious international award for work done
in Facilities Management using FORTIG and its Methodology.
Intel was runner-up.
— Brian DeMeulle, Project Sponsor & Director, Auxiliary & Plant Services at the University of California, San Diego

Auxiliary & Plant Services (A&PS) of the University of California, San Diego set an objective to become a customer-focused and performance-driven organization. At the same time Facilities Management (FM) chose to replace their outdated and ineffective legacy computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with an Enterprise-class Asset and Work Management (EAM) System. A determined IT Director was convinced the benefits of new technology could best be realized if the technology implementation was driven by business needs.

Their journey of discovery began by using FORTIG to understand how FM did business. FM's core team used FORTIG to analyze how FM was managing its assets and uncovered root causes of failure. Using FORTIG, FM then launched into a redesign of their processes and quickly configured the model to match the way it wanted to conduct business. FM’s reliability goals were aligned with A&PS’ business goals. Traceability from strategy through to asset and business performance was realized. FM used FORTIG to drive the Asset and Work Management System’s configuration and implementation. FORTIG's key performance indicators (KPIs) provided a guide for the data elements the system was configured to capture.

FORTIG now provides a reliability-centered roadmap for FM to follow over the next few years. The renewed processes, designed for reliability to sustain the life of UCSD’s assets, will lead to a powerful defect-free solution over time.

ISO 55000 is complex.
FORTIG is set up so an organization can develop a roadmap
to become ISO 55000 compliant.
— Thought Leader, Asset Management
Using FORTIG and its Methodology was an eye-opener for us.
It quickly became a standard for the way we do business.
— VP of Operations, Upstream Oil & Gas Company

An upstream oil and gas company wanted to grow, but the VP of Operations believed their outdated legacy computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) was a limitation. FORTIG confirmed his suspicions.

FORTIG’s performance-centric business approach to asset performance management revealed deficiencies not only in the CMMS, but in the processes they used to manage their assets, the data people needed to do their jobs, the data coming in from the edge, the organization structure, connectivity and tools in the field, staff skills and capabilities demanding upgrading and ongoing training, employee incentives to create the behaviour aligned with corporate objectives, service level agreements with edge process owners required for the seamless process flow of information, and measures for success.

Using FORTIG, a Root Cause Analysis generated a rich broad-and-deep body of findings and conclusions plus specific suggestions for improvement to bridge the gap between the way the company conducted business today and the way it wanted to conduct business in the future to realize its vision. FORTIG provided best practices in asset management.

FORTIG promoted robust and efficient standards, processes, and controls to minimize business and asset integrity risks, maximize returns, and to develop the skills of their people to match the company's business requirements. FORTIG provided transparency and assurance to all stakeholders, empowering the people who execute the work.  

Using FORTIG the Asset Management Team took the opportunity to introduce leading practices and establish an effective and cost efficient approach to Asset Management that could be used as a benchmark and Centre of Excellence for the company's other global operations.

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