FORTIG is an accelerator
that takes an architected approach
to manage mission critical assets

FORTIG is a proven asset performance accelerator that can be systematically and easily tailored to fit your business.

Make sure that your assets are operating and being utilized at full capacity. Use FORTIG.



the Situation

Most asset intensive organizations look like they're doing pretty well. And they are.
But they could do a lot better.


Is your organization getting maximum value from the investment in your assets?

Are your assets under or over utilized? Are they performing reliably?

Is your asset management strategy clearly linked to your organization's business strategy?

What's your organization's position on ISO 55000, the new standard for Asset Management?

Can you identify the root causes of breakdown in how your assets are managed?


FORTIG helps you find the answers to these questions
and gets your organization to where you want it to be
in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional tools and methods.

FORTIG is ISO 55000's digital twin.


A liner board mill on the east coat of the US was marginally profitable. Headquarters parachuted a talented young manager into the mill to turn it around or shut it down. Every inch of product that came off the backend of the mill's two liner board machines had a buyer. But the machines broke down regularly. Operations blamed maintenance and maintenance blamed operations. The management team was good at identifying problems in the mill, but the problems recurred. Using FORTIG, the Mill Manager and his management team clarified the situation.

Quickly FORTIG showed the management team that they were they were treating symptoms, not the root cause of their problems. FORTIG put the mill on a path of recovery with Root Cause Analysis, a rigorous Preventative Maintenance program, and a measurement framework that put operations, maintenance and the finishing line on the same path towards their parent company's strategic objectives. Automatically the three departments were aligned. The business case was simple. As the two liner board machines became more stable, the mill became profitable to the satisfaction of the mill manager and his bosses at headquarters.



FORTIG delivers value much faster than starting from scratch
and accelerates how you get more value from your assets.

Reduce costs and extend the life of working assets.
Find hidden capacity and reduce the demand for CapEx.
Improve safety and environmental compliance.
Sustain the asset performance improvement.

FORTIG gives you -
Transparency. Agility. Alignment. Standardization. Trace-ability.
With FORTIG, your organization will achieve end-to-end and top-to-bottom line-of-sight.
You will have a holistic view of how your assets are managed
and the people who manage your assets will have a reference guide
plus a collaborative platform to continuously improve the performance of your assets.


FORTIG accelerates your organization's ability to maximize asset utilization
and move toward ISO 55000 compliance.


Achieve the following with FortiG


Adapt with agility to external events that impact your business performance.




Standardize around best practices for increased visibility and consistency.



Drive out defects that cause inefficiencies and breakdowns from the way your assets are managed.

FORTIG works across industries

FORTIG has been used by organizations across many different industries
to get more value from their assets.

Hydro Power Generation • Global Marine Shipping

A Major US University • Upstream Oil & Gas

Port Terminal Handler


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