Gain insight with FORTIG

Organizations in industries where physical assets are critical to business success
must reduce effort, costs, and uncertainty
and make sure that their assets are operating and utilized at full capacity
to get more value from their investment.

The problem

Every executive team has a list of priorities to solve top-of-mind problems.
In asset intensive organizations, these problems often link to their mission critical assets
that are the heart-beat of their business.

Organizations often start from scratch to solve these problems. 
With FORTIG, you don't.
With FORTIG you start with rich asset management content that’s been proven in several industries over the years.
That's how FORTIG helps you solve the problem and sustain the change.

This is how FORTIG differs from other software and systems. It's a solution.

The CEO of an asset intensive company noticed with alarm that their numbers were flat. He had set a goal for his organization to be a top quartile performer in three years. They would never achieve this goal unless they could increase their profits.

They used FORTIG to diagnose the root cause of their problem. Their customer deliveries were late!
 FORTIG they proceeded quickly and with confidence to eliminate the cause of their flat numbers and grow their business.


FORTIG's rich content resonates strongly with asset management folks. It's familiar and organized.

FORTIG can be systematically and easily tailored to fit your business,
delivering value much faster than starting from scratch
with general purpose tools and technologies.


FORTIG’s visual graphical approach gives you insight into how you want to do business
and manage your assets through all stages of the asset life cycle.

For asset intensive industries, physical assets are the heart-beat of the business. They are essential for the business to generate revenue. But barriers to success that can limit profitability and growth are often hidden by the pressures of day-to-day activities. 

Just as Root Cause Analysis is used to expose the cause of equipment failure, FORTIG's Methodology exposes defects that make work ineffective, redundant, and inefficient. Once these defects are exposed, we can create an actionable plan to drive these defects out.


"We we wanted to replace our obsolete CMMS system. Using FORTIG's approach and methodology we realized how ineffective our CMMS system really was. Our people were forced to push paper, re-do work, and re-enter information. We used FORTIG to drive out defects, streamline our business processes, and develop a set of business requirements that reflected how we wanted to manage our assets using a new CMMS."
                    -Director of Fleet Performance, Global marine shipping company

Drive out defects

Using FORTIG decision-makers are able to see the cause-and-effect impact of threats and weaknesses, and adapt with agility to a position of strength.


An upstream oil and gas company wanted to address their barriers to growth and expand their business. They used FORTIG to help them out. Property transactions are common among upstream oil and gas companies. Operating assets are typically located on the property. FORTIG showed the team that the company knew about 60% of their assets because they did not ask for asset information from the property seller. A special team spent considerable effort trying to track these assets. Using FORTIG the project sponsor realized that these unknown assets exposed his company to high business risk. He initiated two projects - one to find, gather and catalogue unknown asset information, and the other to ensure a buy-transaction included complete asset information from the seller.


FORTIG’s holistic approach to asset performance ensures your Operational Excellence theme is embedded in the core of your business. Your asset management system comes alive, reflecting the way you manage your assets and contribute value to your organization.

Adapt with agility

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